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HugMees from Squishmallow are the perfect size to take with you for super softness and joy on the go! At 10 inches, there’s no need to be without your favorite plushy pal wherever you are!

These HugMees are coming from the Valentines Squad. Each has a heart on its tummy to show love at Valentines and anytime!  Each HugMee has its own unique personality. Collect the cuteness!


Desmond: Desmond is the sage green dragon who loves to cook! His fiery hot breath comes in quite handy!

Duster: Duster is the red dinosaur who we hear loves to take power naps! 

Paul: Paul is the koala with big, round ears. His favorite sport is bellyball!

Esmeralda: Esmeralda’s colorful personality shows through with her rainbow tie-dye coat! This Colorful unicorn will brighten the room and inspire positivity wherever she goes

Sam: Sam is the light brown dog who loves speedy sports!

Tally: Tally is the pale grey tabby cat who loves to lift her friends up. Need some motivation? Schedule a one-on-one with your favorite pal.

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