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🌟FREE shipping on all orders over $100 or $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping!🌟

The Official Magician's Case 200+ Tricks

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Let the show begin! The Official Magician's Case 200+ Tricks is your child's key to unlocking a world of wow-worthy illusions. Everything they need to tap into their inner illusionist is packed in this all-in-one black aluminum case – it's the perfect way to bring your jaw-dropping magic show to any venue! Perfect for beginners; it's a cinch to master enough tricks to leave your audience mesmerized. Cast a spell of amazement and take your show on the road!

A Magic Show Everywhere You Go!


Black Aluminum Carrying Case

Cups and Balls- Beautiful gold chrome plated cups come with red balls that vanish and  penetrate right through.

Ring Escape- A solid brass metal ring penetrates magically through a shoelace.

Money Paddle- Coins can appear, multiply and vanish on the gold money paddle.

Psychic Deck of playing Cards- Read your friends mind and control and make any card appear upon your command with this professional  magical deck of cards.

Pen Through Bill- The pen can penetrate right through any bill or piece of paper. Then immediately, the bill or paper is fully restored.

Tekno Kards- A see through blank plastic card projects your  selected card image to appear on your phones camera.

Prediction Coin- The coin can reveal a selected card.

Book of Secrets- Illustrated instruction book with link to online video performances and secrets.

Bonus Augmented Reality Tech Trick- magic with your phone or tablet

Ages 8 +

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